Part 1, Project 1 – The Instrument – Exercise 1.1

Exercise 1.1

Time and the Photograph

These images are of the same scene taken one after the other using the camera’s automatic mode. They demonstrate the importance not only of the aperture, shutter, iso, white balance, framing and focal length but also of the exact moment of the exposure. Time plays an important role in the capture of light in the scene.

Images of long grassTime

It can be seen that the three photographs are moderately different. The wind has blown the grass. And though the camera was set into automatic the exposure values have recorded slight changes in light that have not been compensated for and my framing wasn’t perfectly maintained.

The images below show each photograph with its colour histogram. The histogram clearly graphs the colour values that have been recorded within the photograph.


The exercise demonstrates that it is not only a camera that takes a photograph, no matter how sophisticated its automatic settings mode. A photograph is made by a photographer utilising equipment. Framing and composition, the timing of the shutter being released, exposure choices, selection of local or general focus, depth of field and post processing and creative editing are options to a photographer in forming an image that may communicate through the medium of visual language to the viewer of the image.