Part 1, Project 2 – Visual Skills – Exercise 1.2

Exercise 1.2 – Point

“There are essentially three classes of position [to place a single point]: in the middle, a little off-centre, and close to the edge.” (Photography 1: The Art of Photography, P 72)

The selected images below show a point placed within a frame. The point, the coca-cola can, was moved several times to different positions showing that dependent upon where in the frame the imagined line lies, there are many places, within the afore mentioned ‘classes’ a point could be placed. The real difficulty arises when there are other points or shapes (something larger than a point) within the frame. The tracings on the images show the line of the route the eye is likely to take, which is dependent upon all within the frame and in this instance as nearly all within the frame is constant, upon the placing of the additional point.