Assignment 1 – Tutor Feedback and Reflection



Tutor feedback for assignment 1 was positive though also noted absences of necessary information. Including shooting data and a more expansive title and/or description within my assignment that would have given a clearer communication to my tutor, and an assessor at a later date, of my intention.

I feel that I found the 500 word limit caused me to feel I would necessarily have to be brief in including my approach to the task, my response and conclusions and I have missed quite what would have brought my assignment to a higher mark.

I do see that without fuller information the “Tunnel” image does perhaps seem incongruous to the series and appreciate that the colour palette and shooting style of the “Train” image doesn’t sit quite as might be expected.

Some of the alternative possibilities as ‘selects’ referred to by my tutor by contact sheet number are images I hadn’t particularly considered which does demonstrate how differently photographs can be seen. The narrative I found my self following became my full perspective, perhaps disallowing those images which might have made greater viewing sense to the final work.

The reading suggestions are appreciated – I am particularly interested in development of my sense of the conceptual as it sits within photography.