Part 2, Project 1 – The Distorting Lens – Exercise 2.2

Exercise 2.2 – Focal Length, Subject and Background

For this exercise a half length style portrait was taken at two differing focal lengths trying to keep the subject similarly composed and reasonably tight in the frame in both instances. The first shot was taken at 75mm before stepping forward toward the subject whilst zooming out to 28mm.

75mm 28mm

It can be seen that the wider angle/shorter focal length perspective in the image to the right allows a greater number of pillars to the right of frame to be in view. The shorter focal length also brings a perspective distortion which is not the natural distortion of the human eye (other species have different perspective distortion). Therefore what is closest to the lens, in this instance the man who is the subject of the photograph, looks unlike it/they would look to us visually or at a 50mm effective focal length which presents a natural human distortion of subjects.