Part 2, Project 1 – The Distorting Lens – Exercise 2.6

Exercise 2.6 Shallow Depth of Field

Flowers were chosen as subject matter to photograph with a shallow depth of field. The intention was to achieve a pleasing defocussed background that the flower could be presented against and for the flower and background to be composed within the frame, with some line and/or shape to lead a viewers eye.

Image Sequence 1


Whilst shooting the above sequence, which are immediately sequential shots, the aim was to place the pink tulip in the shot amongst the blue, green and pink background. The first and fourth shots of the sequence are those which I would choose to present as selects though I’m reasonably happy with all four. All shots were taken using the same wide open aperture, focal length, shutter, ISO. Changes were being made to focus and framing.

Image Sequence 2


The above sequence was shot with a shorter focal length than the pink flower and a less wide aperture than the previous sequence. The focussing was on the inner part of the flower with the background defocussed and the edges of the tulip petals that are closer to the front of the scene than the inner parts of the flower. The preferred shot from the sequence is the third shot.