Part 2, Project 1 – The Distorting Lens – Exercise 2.7

Exercise 2.7 Deep Depth of Field

A view of the garden area outside of the walled garden and looking toward the buildings was chosen to illustrate the use of deep depth of field. The flowers in the foreground provided some interest and allowed for the eye to be brought through the foreground into the picture. The images are front to back sharp taken with a wide angle lens/short focal length of 20mm. Slight differences of composition were attempted to find the most pleasing framing and ‘lead through’ effects made by the fore, mid and background subjects.

Image Sequence 1


The sequence shows changes in framing to shift the effect in the foreground and around the outer edges of the image that it might form compositionally pleasing form and lead the eye through the image that is front to back sharp at f19.

Image Sequence 2


Sequence 2 shows a different style of compositional work at f19, taking a dead pan framing to the portico and benches. The large stone planter to the mid right provides the necessary foreground interest and ‘lead in’ towards the portico, seated man and the other passers by. My selects from the image sequences in both respects are the middle images.