Assignment 2 – Reflection


My work is demonstrating my technical and visual skills. It can be seen that I am working my compostions hard and that I make much consideration of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and perspective and focal length.

I am delivering a standard of work which is of a quality that I wish to bring to my course as I consistently aim to deliver finished images that are communicating the message I want to deliver and supported by my written work.

Developing my creative voice is something I am working very hard at. I believe that my awareness of the possibilities of the photographic medium are being demonstrated within assignment two and that my images are showing how I work and push to deliver something that I feel meets level 1 module criteria and will continue to develop further into the degree program. I have taken risks as I’ve pushed to find my creative voice but I feel that this is probably worth doing as even if I lose some marks sometimes I may gain further awareness of what I am able to do with photography and what I might ‘tell’ with photography in terms of communicating a story, a life theme or a political issue.