Part 3 Traces of Time, Project 3 – What Matters Is To Look

Exercise 3.3 – Two -Taking a Viewpoint, Look, Look, Look

From a good viewpoint, a wide view or panorama can be seen. Mam Tor was chosen for this exercise. An exercise in looking is to start looking at what’s closest in the foreground. In this instance the foreground was the bare ground and grass and the two sheep who were originally moving around grazing. Looking further just over the edge of the ground I started to look into the middle-ground seeing fields that looked to be grazing land, trees and some buildings, followed by more fields. Then there is the cement factory to the right, more trees reaching across the valley and in the far-ground there are more grazing field on the banks of the valley with trees and a few buildings in the lowerground areas of this distant area, rising topographically to fairly indiscernible land of some trees and presumed grazing land and the horizon, which on this particular day met a fairly blue sky with some faint hints of cloud traced across the lower third and upper left third.

To look across the panorama in as full a form as we are able to and to look and look again allows for identification of foreground, mid-ground and far-ground. It allows for us to view the horizon and the sky as it is, it allows us to see the natural lines of view that may be traced through a photograph after composition and shutter release. Looking allows for the visualisation of composition.

Here the shutter was released after the sheep had taken a moment from grazing and looked to its’ right (or the left of photograph). The sheep turning in this direction creates a tension between the cement works and the sheep that I wanted in the image.

(f8, 1/160, ISO 640)WhatMattersIsToLook





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