Part 3, Assignment 3, Reflection


The work I’ve completed for this assignment has yet again pushed me outside of my known remit. This has caused difficulties at times with work flow, confidence and a desire at times to restart. This appears to be a consistent difficulty for me when I’m stretched beyond the standard areas of photography I know. Yet I am aware it’s of great use for my learning.

I feel that by the end point, of submission of prints, I have achieved a level of work that does demonstrate definite capability within the assessment criteria showing visual skills, quality of images, research and comprehension of my intention and visual language.

I have shown creativity and have certainly been developing my visual skills in terms of communicating my ideas. I have stretched my technical skills within Photoshop and have worked hard at learning the precise natures of functions such as noise reduction, high pass and how the masking of these features can intersect with colour causing potentially difficult results. I also improved my cleaning skills having cleaned the appearance of ‘cluster pixels’ on the beach from all shots at a level not needed for an A4 print. I also chose to work with textures/overlays, which I don’t regularly use and have therefore made some experimentation within my personal nature photographs in preparation and experimentation that I use textures/overlays for this assignment, with masks.

I hope that in stretching out of my personal ‘comfort zone’ whilst still within the bounds of the level 1 modules I will be gaining in my progress towards achieving the beginnings of a personal voice. I feel it’s beginning to be seen to me in my conceptualisations, yet I am aware that as I am taking advantage of the assignment’s options to take risks it may not be discernible as yet to a viewer of my learning log.

I feel I have gained a better concept of what is expected of me in terms of my learning log and am hoping that my learning log is much improved from the addition of scanned planning notes and research made during course work. I have responded to tutor guidance as to the accepted multiple post form of learning log entry for easier reading and am working to make sure my categorisations and drop down menus work well for later assessment. (Previous assignments and coursework will be re-written with primary written work saved as PDFs for the purposes of demonstrating necessary changes).

I believe I am gaining in my ability to communicate that I am thinking analytically about my communication through my creativity.

In summary I am pleased with the outcome of the assignment, having achieved perspective that to work a project that’s an inversion of the decisive moment as adequately as I would have truly liked, would have required a significant amount of time and repeat shooting to gain the professional level results I aspire to.