Part 4 Project 2 – Exercise 4.2

Exercise 4.2

A sequence of shots of a subject was taken at different times during a single day. The subject chosen was Wentworth Church.

There was an expectation of a shift of how the light fell on the different faces of the church during the day from dawn onwards. Checking Photographer’s Ephemeris gave a clear view of the church and the sun’s relationship during the day.

The practice of the exercise allowed for a closer view of how the light worked with the architecture during the day.

The earliest shots were taken at approximately 7:20am when the sun was likely to be casting light on the north east of Wentworth’s Church.



(Image from Photographer’s Ephemeris reproduced for educational purposes).

During the day the light variously lit the stain glass quite beautifully and allowed for the architecture of the church, in particular the buttresses and the light to produce strong contrasts in shadow and light.

The notion that a photographer should always shoot with the light to the back of their left shoulder is disproven be the exercise.

(Shooting data – f6.7, 1/350, ISO 800)0722am

At 7:22am the light was catching the north face of the clock tower and had a ‘clean’ quality to it.

(f8, 1/200, ISO 800)1134am

At 11:34am the suns rays would’ve been strongest on the southern face of the church if it weren’t for there being so many tall trees creating a barrier. The north fac of the church was broadly lit with no strong shadows.

(f8, 1/200, ISO 500)


By 5:09pm the sun was catching the south-western frontage of the church causing strong shadows were it was obstructed by the triangular lines of the gable frontage. The light at this time had a feel that was warmer and less crisp than the light of the early morning.

A night shot was attempted. It would have been preferred if there had been the possibility of a moon lit shot however the sky had considerable cloud cover and therefore a shot was taken of the area of the church that is artificially lit. This was a beginning to consideration of the exercise in artificial light as yet to come.

(f8, 59 seconds, ISO 200)0904pm