Assignment 3, Tutor Feedback and Reflection

Tutor’s Formative feedback below



I was pleased the choice of the non-decisive moment as a subject for assignment three was well received. And that my intention had been comprehended through the accompanying text which was satisfactory to me, demonstrating that assignment three has been documented sufficiently that a reader/viewer can clearly see my objective.

In terms of the number of diptychs within the assignment I can acknowledge my tutors point that when two images are linked so strongly the effectively become one and that a greater number of completed images for the assignment may have been desirable. I did however decide not to include some of the other images I had shot. I felt, perhaps erroneously, that the inclusion of one or two additional diptychs would have lowered the quality of my submission.

I am pleased to see that my technical skills were assessed as competent, the images being sharp and well exposed with good colour balance. I have perhaps misunderstood quite how to describe my sense of re-focusing whilst using the depth of field that I would gain using the aperture I used throughout of f9.5. I had thought that at this aperture, subjects 100 to 150m from me would still benefit from the use of a specific localised focus point upon them. I acknowledge that the whole of the scene around the subjects is not thrown into a de-focused area outside of the depth of field. The aperture was a choice I made rather than an accident of boosting the ISO to 800 as I was shooting in manual mode and had used the ISO to enable me to use a more shutdown aperture than I would tend to use for closer subjects. I think perhaps though that the act of refocusing to the intended point of the photograph did help me in my creation of the images. It would perhaps have been interesting to use a longer focal length and a wider aperture for some of the shots, however this would have negated my intention to describe a viewpoint of separation from the subjects.

I appreciate that textures are a contentious area and I knew that experimenting with these to form a more dreamlike, non-time bound feel to the images, whilst masking key areas to be free of texture was perhaps as risky as the wide-angle, deep depth of field, experimentation in my previous assignment. I do however appreciate the availability during the level I courses to experiment with the sorts of communication devices that may help me find my photographic style in order that I can develop my practice as I continue to progress through the assignments, and indeed modules.

I’m pleased that I have been able to demonstrate some mature vision in terms of the photography and the concept demonstrated in the assignment. I hope that I’m able to continue to bring these qualities to my further work as I feel it is this that will ultimately allow me to demonstrate a unique voice as I continue to work through the levels of the degree.

I haven’t as yet been able to read The Nature of Photographs by Stephen Shaw, however I have been expanding my awareness of different photographers work and the reading of photography as a communicator rather than as a record of the scene.