Part 4, Project 3 The Beauty of Artificial Light – Exercise 4.3

Exercise 4.3

Artificial light can be found in many forms. Cinematographer Christopher Doyle is renowned for his work with light and his skill at capturing the artificial light playing upon people faces can be seen in the film In the Mood for Love.

In watching some of the film it can be understood that the playing of light upon a face can make us focus more carefully on the nuanced expressions that play across a face. Light and of course shadow are framing something for us in a sense; perhaps giving form to feeling?

Andrija Lekic’s statement to the ‘Expressing Your Vision’ course author that “Communication between people, thoughts, frequencies, unconscious, unspoken, something we try to give a form a structure, and a shape to, and make a dialog with…” (Bloomfield, R., 2014, Expessing Your Vision) resonates as the possibilities of light are considered.

The exercise of shooting artificial light was completed in Sheffield. Artificial light can be used in a City to give form and sense of function and mood to a space.

Outside of the railway station, the lit water feature (f13, 30 seconds, ISO 200)WaterColour

The coloured fountain/water is one of the city’s features that helps to form a ‘gateway’ to the city outside of the station and structure the form of pedestrian flow whilst also providing a possible sense of a calm zone and presumably referring to the water used for cooling purposes by Sheffield’s steel industry.

A Sheffield Hallam University building (f10, 3.2 seconds, ISO 100)SHUBuilding

The artificial light emanating from the building and also on the outside of the building allows for the recognition of its form.

The pedestrianised area approaching Sheffield’s Winter Gardens (f10, 20 seconds, ISO 100)WinterGardens2

Here again the intended flow of walking areas is clearly shown by demarcation of zones. The artificial light and the quieter central zone of grass and trees separates notional function areas and the light from the restaurants reflects on the leaves of the trees.

Outside of the Winter Gardens (f10, 30 seconds, ISO 100)WinterGardens

The outside of the Winter Gardens is largely quiet as could be expected given the Gardens close for the evening and pedestrians, coming to and leaving the nearby restaurants seem to not traverse this particular space. The blue hue gives a tranquil feel and is uninterrupted by the red demarcation of the previous image.

(f4, 5 seconds, ISO 125)ElephantAndMoon

The elephant is part of the Herd of Sheffield public art event, fundraising for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. I intended to come to the Science Park to see if there was a suitable place for some shots and found that one of the ‘Herd’ was there and the moon was visible.

The artificial light reflects on two of the buildings’ metal fascias and lights the elephant beautifully.

The lighting of the city is meant not only to provide a sense of illumination, to make walking and driving safer but to add a sense of function to certain areas and to aid in illuminating the structures that give us a greater sense of what makes Sheffield.



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