Research – Cindy Sherman

Research – Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman is a photographer whose Untitled Film Stills series is one of the most well-known series of self-portraits. Though these portraits are technically self-portraits the artist demonstrates for the viewer 69 photographs made between 1977 and 1980 that are perspectives of femininity. “Sherman’s photographs challenge our perception of, and interaction with, the images that surround us as we live our lives,” (P.164, Badger, G, 2007, The Genius of Photography)

Jennifer Blessing writes in her essay Revenant Images: Memory’s Trace in Post-War Art that “the styles Sherman replicated were notably taken not from her own generation rather from that of her mother’s suggesting that lure of memory within the sphere of the family”, (P.23, Blessing,J, & Trotman, N, 2009, Haunted).

Whilst I am interested in Sherman’s series do not wish to attempt an homage to her work. What I wish to work with is an attempt at an exploration of some of the facets of my present identity as formed by my past yet not a linear storytelling of a life.

That Sherman has clearly demonstrated a possibility for portraiture to be used to communicate something other than what is merely literal or to consider the history of art and portraiture stepping away from considerations of status and family to the harsher truths of that which we might usually prefer to veil, encourages me to take a risk and look at what makes some of me, me.


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