Assignment 4 – Reflection


I feel that having produced six self-portraits to explore the language of light and identity as a further exploration of the ‘Ex Nihilo’ exercise for my assignment at the level I have managed to achieve more than fulfils level 1 criteria. I believe that in this assignment in particular I have pushed forward significantly in my development of visual and technical skills to bring about effective design and composition that communicate my intention. I have worked particularly hard to produce self-portraits that have a quality and creativity to, clearly showing my desire to express a developing voice that has the capacity to explore the psychological, the social, the uncomfortable truth and to do so within an accepted form. I have looked to present my photographs within what I perceive to be an accepted form brought about by the history of art and photography in order that they might be received and their communication comprehended rather than being just an attempt at communicating emotions which can be “difficult to portray because of their ephemeral quality”, as described by Paul Hill in his chapter In Search of Self and the Metaphor, (P. 91, 1982, Approaching Photography). I feel and hope that as I have tried to embed them with known psychosocial cues through the consideration of semiology that they do not appear too derivative or juvenile.

I believe that this sort of project may be one I will wish to revisit in the future in a similar incarnation though I also wish to develop my ideas seen within this work within other photographic projects that take on different forms at a time sooner than that which will return me to self portraiture. I may wish to look at self portraiture eventually in terms of composites and  I hope to gain the knowledge I need between now and then to do so.


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