Part 5, Project 1 – The Distance Between Us – Exercise 5.1

Exercise 5.1

Exercise 5.1 requires that the camera is used as a measuring device. Not as has previously been demonstrated in terms of a meter of light as in Exercise 4.1, nor as a measure of distance by the scale of the focussing ring but in terms of whether a connection might be found between the photographer behind the lens with their subject.

It was indicated that a subject with whom I might find some empathy would be an appropriate choice. My subject is my mother.

The following images are the selects from those shot.

Image 1wentworthportraitstanding

Image 2wentworthportraitseatedenvironmental

Image 3wentworthportraitseated

Image 4wentworthportraitseatedsmiling

My intention was to have some possible selects from a variety of distances, poses, movement, non-movement. This wasn’t fully realised as I had underestimated the subject’s need for time to let go of tension in front of the camera having become used to direction. I also had some camera difficulties initially which were a distraction from giving effective direction and engaging as I would have wished with the subject in order to realise a rapport or connection.

The selects were mostly of the seated poses and my preference of all of them was image 3 where the subject isn’t smiling. It seems perhaps more real than the large smile of image 4 though I do feel that the facial expression in image 4 is natural.

The standing pose of image 1 is selected as I feel that the image works generally and was quite close to my intention though is unfortunately marred by the hands which I hadn’t noticed at the time of shooting. The peculiarity of the hand position does suggest tension and distance from my subject. This image was one of the earlier shots which demonstrates that over the course of the minutes we shot I did manage to engage and allow for some connection and dropping of tension that allowed for the preferred image, image 3 and the final image, image 4 these being the penultimate and final frames of the shoot.