Research and Reflection – Intention versus Perception


Intention versus perception

Following the reading of the interview extract within course materials, covering the concept of the question of intention versus perception as alternative ways to approach photography the article was read in full and considered.

Quentin Bajac states that in conversation with Paul Graham, Graham had stated, “you can set out with the best possible idea, open your idea, go outside, and the world changes that idea.” (Bajac, Q, 2013, Winter Edition of Aperture) “>The statement resonates in more than its stated form. The article poses questions as to photography in its current state, alongside associated medias and balanced against photographic history. Bajac, as chief curator of photography at MoMA describes this balance and its development over recent decades as photography as become established as an art form
The question of intention and perception goes of course, not just to the direction photography has taken and will take in terms of curation or an individual’s work but to photography’s nature as a visual art, “about perception of the world,” (Bajac, Q, (2013), Winter Edition of Aperture).  Photographers cannot control perception of their photographs by a viewer nor can they fully control the build of the narrative within the image at the execution of intention; the moment of capture. Photography is very much, in my opinion, an art, defined much like all arts by perception and it is that the ‘perception’ that is brought to an image that adds something further than the planned intention.   


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