Project 1, The Distance Between Us – Exercise 5.2, part B – Personal Archive

Following on from Exercise 5.2 which required an homage to a chosen photographer and image further homage is requested from my personal archive. Whilst I have rarely deliberately set out to celebrate known photographers I have emulated some of the subject choices of Bernd and Hilla Becher.

Image 1 – Water tower near Ossettwatertower

Whilst there is only one water tower in my image unlike the grid like/layout styles of the Becher photographs and whilst it is in colour it is my version, my ‘homage’ to their work. The composition of the water tower is not as dead pan as the Bechers’ images and does include other elements such as the power lines and the lamppost that have not been removed by cloning or cropping. The message is different to that of the Bechers’ images. That the water tower’s set amongst some of its environment as a colour image with a pictorial feel moves in opposition to the concept of ‘new topographics’ for which the Bechers are famed.

Image 2 – Gasometer near the John Smith’s Stadium / Huddersfield Town Football Club ground, Huddersfieldgasometer

The gasometer image also references the work of the Bechers and again is in an opposing style. The gasometer hasn’t been isolated, isn’t in monochrome and the captions I have given to both of my images ground them geographically. To many who I have spoken to in the past these structures are not anonymous sculptures viewed as either obsolete or bound to become obsolete but part of our referred to landscape. And whilst the structures do speak of patterns of population to reduce population to pattern, to “typology” [] seems to reduce, as in the Bechers images to a level I don’t wish to maintain at all times. Whilst there is a beauty in patterning out the ‘herd’ there is also something erosive of the spirit, though this is an important facet of the Becher’s work.


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