Assignment 4 – Tutor Feedback and Reflection

Tutor’s Formative Feedback below


I felt that perhaps with this assignment I hadn’t been clearly articulated my intention and explained the images in the accompanying texts to the level that I wish I had been able to. I think I had found the experience of several self-portraits draining and quite emotionally difficult due to the personal nature inherent in the task.

The intention had been to explore the several possible sides of me that I feel have at times been perceived by those who have met me and so in that respect I suppose it’s not particularly shocking that my tutor remarks that these look like they may  have been shot or planned and shot by different photographers.

I appreciate that during the time allocation for this assignment I didn’t manage to complete much research. I had looked at a project by Miklos Déri, No Innocent Picture but had been uncertain about using it as a research topic. I had also considered Martin Parr’s Auto Portrait series as a possible research subject but wondered if perhaps when his project poked such fun at the selfie it might have been an inappropriate research subjects.

I do note my tutor has remarked upon one image written up as utilising broad lighting as having originally had a harsher shadow in the contact sheet. I do accept his point, my ability to achieve broad lighting had been so restricted by my small space that I had had to effect a change in lighting in post production. It was mostly achieved by alteration of the RGB curve.

I’m not particularly keen on exploring the idea of portraiture as it might be necessary for given platforms as my tutor has suggested at a later date but would perhaps be interested in further exploring concepts of identity.