Assignment 5 – Reflection

Assignment 5 required a series of photographs that delivered information, in a narrative, drawing from and furthering previous experiential learning and research conducted to fulfil the requirements of Exercise 5.2.

I have demonstrated excellent analytical skills in my transition through Exercise 5.2. They have been inclusive of the research within exercise 5.2 and furthermore in the assignment preparatory notes, location research and documentary photography research, and developmental considerations in respect of the evolution of the genre.

I feel that this analysis combined with my enthusiasm to consider the breadth of contexts and debates at professional photographic and academic levels has allowed me to supply a sound underpinning for the assignment series to be captured, selected and finished in a highly professional way. My aim has to be to deliver these final images with accompanying text that allows for clear and easy reading to allow for the comprehension of the rigorous development of the project as a whole within the structures of a researched genre.

I have worked to demonstrate my visual and technical skills at their fullest level taking considerable care over selections, adjustments to light, and the presentation of the images in their final finished form with cohesive subtle colour adjustments. The finish of the images will perhaps not be to everyone’s liking yet seemed fitting to me for a subject that was shot in late afternoon light and is being documented for its many changes and connection to the 1980s in terms of an incident experienced at the location.

I very much hope that this assignment will have shown my development by closing the module at a high level of achievement particularly in terms of having mapped the learning materials of Part 5 into the response that was their designed purpose.





The demonstration of having further developed analytical skills and creative thinking underpinned by photographic theory as understood from materials referenced was therefore one of the necessary steps in crafting a basis to present a coherent set of work that developed the previous learning. The research conducted as part of furthering the breadth of contexts to support my personal awareness of photographic genre debates