Assignment 5 – Tutor Feedback and Reflection

Tutor’s formative feedback, PDF link below


I felt from my tutor’s feedback to this assignment in particular that I had managed to map my answer to the brief, as the marking scheme requires of me. It has pleased me to know that by this point at the end of the first module I have grasped the writing of the course and can now, I hope, move forward with some confidence to further modules.

I have looked at the images again inn light of my tutor’s comment as to the particular order of the series and do see what he’s stating in terms of opening as I have but then following with image 4 and then 6. That sequence could make much more sense to a viewer in terms of being introduced to the site where this significant change of use is taking place. I had because of my personal attachment to the staircase imagery (images 2 and 3) chosen to use these so soon in the series to move straight to the narrative of the change of use of the site after the overview before moving back to a broader sense of the wider place that we now know is to be changed.

That my tutor has picked out image 3 and the final image as the most successful of the series is pleasing as they were my favourites and I had realised they meant more to me as I worked on them at the editing stage. I had strangely had some mixed feelings as to image 9 as I had recalled, after shooting, that I had seen some versions of this particular scene at the Photographic Society I attend and wondered whether or not it belonged as I felt that maybe it was more ‘someone else’s photograph’ whilst editing. I think that this sense has to some degree come across in the final version, not just necessarily because of the subject but that I struggled with the edit to truly feel it was ‘mine’ and that I was comfortable with the photograph.

Coming to the close of this module it would appear that my keenest interest and strengths lie perhaps where I began with the formative Assignment 1, during which I was trying to find my sense of autobiography within landscape, coming through to Assignment 5 where autobiography within landscape closes the learning narrative.

The progression through the course materials has steered me through an exploration of ideas that have helped me form my opinion as to what I am wanting to show and to communicate, with the photographs I create, much more strongly than any independent experimentation with photography has done.

I do feel that I have a real desire to communicate through the medium and that I shall learn further how to refine my communication. In further modules I hope I’ll be able to continue my exploration of autobiography and the politicised within the landscape and of identity and presentation of identity and perception. I know that I now have the awareness I needed to move forward with these objectives and I therefore feel that the outcome of this course has been successful.