Assignment 5 – Reflection

Assignment 5 required a series of photographs that delivered information, in a narrative, drawing from and furthering previous experiential learning and research conducted to fulfil the requirements of Exercise 5.2. I have demonstrated excellent analytical skills in my transition through Exercise 5.2. They have been inclusive of the research within exercise 5.2 and furthermore in … More Assignment 5 – Reflection

Assignment 4 – Tutor Feedback and Reflection

Tutor’s Formative Feedback below k_gomersalasnmnt4 I felt that perhaps with this assignment I hadn’t been clearly articulated my intention and explained the images in the accompanying texts to the level that I wish I had been able to. I think I had found the experience of several self-portraits draining and quite emotionally difficult due to … More Assignment 4 – Tutor Feedback and Reflection

Assignment 4 – Ex Nihilo – Self Portraiture

Assignment 4 requires a further exploration of one of the coursework exercises  on daylight, artificial light or studio light that 6-10 final images be created for submission. The coursework exercise chosen was Exercise 4.4 – Ex Nihilo. The logical ‘further exploration’ of the exercise seemed that to take the sense of building and shaping from nothing … More Assignment 4 – Ex Nihilo – Self Portraiture

Research – Cindy Sherman

Research – Cindy Sherman Cindy Sherman is a photographer whose Untitled Film Stills series is one of the most well-known series of self-portraits. Though these portraits are technically self-portraits the artist demonstrates for the viewer 69 photographs made between 1977 and 1980 that are perspectives of femininity. “Sherman’s photographs challenge our perception of, and interaction … More Research – Cindy Sherman