Project 2, Photography as Information – Research – Rinko Kawauchi’s Illuminance

Research Photography as Information If photographers are “in pursuit of possibilities that are still unexplored in the camera’s programme, in pursuit of informative, improbable images that have never been seen before,” (Flusser, (2000), P37, Towards A Philosophy of Photography) then photographers are shifting the form of information given in an image in order that a … More Project 2, Photography as Information – Research – Rinko Kawauchi’s Illuminance

Location / Subject Research

Location/Subject Research Subject: Bretton Hall at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park Subject Choice Rationale: Bretton Hall is changing. Proposed, approved and commenced changes to the historic Hall and its associated buildings and hostels brings a closure to the Hall’s several decades history of connection to the teaching of the arts. A hotel and conferencing centre is … More Location / Subject Research

Research – ‘Photographs and Context’

Barrett’s essay describes the possibilities of photography as a communicative medium of art. He asserts in his essay that there are however, contexts within which a photograph can be seen which may strongly affect the communication. To demonstrate the possible realities of communication of a photograph in more then one contextual setting, Barrett cites the … More Research – ‘Photographs and Context’

Research and Reflection – Intention versus Perception

Research Intention versus perception Following the reading of the interview extract within course materials, covering the concept of the question of intention versus perception as alternative ways to approach photography the article was read in full and considered. Quentin Bajac states that in conversation with Paul Graham, Graham had stated, “you can set out with … More Research and Reflection – Intention versus Perception